Prescription Panel

Option #1

Do any of the following statements apply to you? If so, consider the recommended video-routine.

“I am a non-athlete (or have been out of competition for many years) with poor flexibility or very little stretching experience”
Advanced Foam Rolling & Stretch Band Techniques
“I am an athlete who could benefit by increasing my flexibility”
Active-Stretch Program
“I have tightness around my hips & lower back”
Lower Back & Hip Flexibility – Day 1
“I have good flexibility throughout much of my body, but I have a history of shoulder pain/instability with a loss of range of motion around one or both shoulders”
Shoulder Mobility Exercise Routine
“My shoulders are fine, but my lower body flexibility could improve”
Knee Joint & Lower Body Flexibility
“I would like to learn how to get the most out of foam rollers and stretch bands to increase my flexibility and feel more loose each day”
Advanced Foam Rolling & Stretch Band Techniques
“My knees feel weak or unstable and I sometimes experience knee pain”
Knee Joint Strengthening Exercises – Day 1
“I have done yoga, gymnastics, martial arts, or dance for years and I have exceptional flexibility for my age or body type, but my core could get stronger”
Lower Back & Hip Strength – Day 1

Option #2

Email our expert founder and describe your situation for suggestions: or contact us

Option #3

Submit our Physical History & Goals questionnaire to be considered for a Customized Program design